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Gastrointestinal Function Study


If so, you could help test a new product & play your part in gastrointestinal research.

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If you’re experiencing stomach problems, you could help health research.

Thank you for your interest in RDC Clinical’s new research study into the effectiveness of a commercially available Kiwi fruit concentration powder. This freeze-dried product contains a number of natural compounds believed to bring relief from gastrointestinal discomfort including bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea.

You could assist gastrointestinal research & learn more about your lifestyle.

Although you’ll only qualify for this study if you’re currently experiencing stomach issues, so we can measure any relief you feel, it’s important to know the Kiwi’s powerful enzymes, antioxidants and fibre may help other aspects of our health. For example, the antioxidant Lutein has been shown to improve Macular Pigment Optical Density, a leading cause of blindness in the western world.

In addition to assisting the study, you’ll also gain valuable insight to your general health and lifestyle.

If you would like to play your part in this important research, you’re otherwise generally healthy and could attend our clinic in Newstead, Brisbane, for initial enrolment and then two progress check-ups over a 6 week study period, we’d love your help.

More information is below, and the Eligibility & Registration form is on this page.

About the product you'll help test...a kiwi fruit extract.

The product is a freeze-dried kiwi fruit concentration powder made from New Zealand grown, GMO free, green Kiwis. Kiwi fruit contains a number of different compounds including enzymes, antioxidants and fibre, all of which are believed to be beneficial for relief from gastrointestinal discomfort, including bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea. Kiwi fruit is also a source of the antioxidant Lutein, which has been shown to improve Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD), a leading cause of blindness in the western world.

About the study you’ll take part in… health assessment & monitoring.

If you’re currently experiencing stomach problems and would describe yourself as otherwise generally healthy, you may qualify to help with this study. You can register your interest by answering the questionnaire and completing the form on this page… we’ll then get in touch to screen you for suitability.

You’ll be one of 90 study participants, divided into three groups of 30 – two groups will take the active medicine, one group will take a placebo (a harmless, inactive substance).

The study will last 6 weeks, the significant stages are:

Enrolment, attending RDC Newstead Clinic for health assessment including lifestyle questionnaires, current medication, weight, height, medical history, blood and Macular Pigment Density (MPOD) testing.

Week 1
Given test product to take daily for 6 weeks.

Week 3
Attend RDC Newstead Clinic for follow-up questionnaires.

Week 6
Attend RDC Newstead Clinic for final interview, to repeat baseline questionnaires and final tests including blood and MPOD.


About the benefits of taking part… free health check & assessment.

In addition to helping advance medical research on an important issue, you’ll also gain valuable knowledge about yourself through the following stages:

  • Lifestyle questionnaire will give you important information and insight about the way you’re living.
  • Blood tests which give you information on your Lutein and Zonulin levels (Lutein is an important antioxidant, Zonulin measures your gut permeability).
  • Macular Pigment Density (MPOD) test which gives you feedback on a crucial aspect to healthy vision.
Check if you can take part… study participant requirements.

Are you…

  • Currently suffering with stomach issues, but otherwise generally healthy?
  • Aged over 18 years (male or female)?
  • A non-smoker?
  • Able to attend our clinic in Newstead, Brisbane, 3 times over a 6 week period?


Ethics approval & privacy… you’ll be in safe, professional hands.

This RDC Clinical study has been approved by the Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee under Approval Number: 2017-12-968-A-1. The study is also registered on the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry under Registration Number: ACTRN12618000875202.

Trained Trial Co-ordinators will supervise your progress throughout the study. Your results in the study will be made fully available to you. Any of your personal information collected during the study will be kept in the strictest confidence and your rights as a participant are fully reserved.

Check your Eligibility HERE.


About the location of the'll attend clinic appointments

Our clinic is located in Doggett Street, Newstead, Brisbane.

We are walking distance from the Commercial Road Ferry Terminal & local buses, and a quick 10 minute walk from Bowen Hills train station. We also have onsite visitor parking available.

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