Bio-availability Studies (paid)
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As part of ongoing research into natural health products, studies are conducted to assess how quickly and effectively certain vitamins, nutrients, and herbal extracts enter and leave the bloodstream in healthy individuals.

As such, we are seeking participants for a series of bio-availability studies that will be conducted throughout the next few months.

Trial Outline

Participants will be required to attend our Newstead Clinic (Brisbane) to provide blood samples over a period of one full day (up to 13 hours) and a single sample the following morning. You will return home at the end of the full day and then return the next morning for approximately 10 minutes.

Food and use of fast internet will be supplied during the required hours. Depending on the time requirements for each study, participants are paid between $100 and $150 for each study.

Participants will be provided with the trial product that is taken upon arrival. Small blood samples (approximately 5-10ml) are then taken at several time points during the day, and in most cases, a single blood sample will also be required the following day. However, participants return to their homes to sleep at night.

Participants will receive a cannula in the morning, from which the blood samples are taken during the day. This is so multiple ‘needle pricks’ are not required, and participants are as comfortable as possible during the day.

Trials are conducted on readily available vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C, CoQ10, ginkgo, resveratrol and fish oil, and will be taken within safe dosage ranges.

Members of the same household are welcome and may sit together during the day. Most participants bring a personal device (tablet, laptop) and either work, study, play games or binge-watch favourite shows. We do require that headphones are worn so other participants are not disrupted.

We will supply breakfast, lunch and dinner (if required), as well as snacks during the day.

Who can participate?
  • Men and women aged 18 – 40 years
  • BMI between 20-30
  • Non-smokers
  • Otherwise healthy (no serious illnesses)
  • Not currently taking prescription anti-depressant medication

Please note that participants in our bio-availability studies will be provided with specific food and drinks whilst at our clinic. This is so that everyone participating in the study has similar food intake. Please note that these foods include dairy & gluten.

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Our clinic is located on Doggett Street, Newstead (Brisbane).

We are easily be reached by public transport, but please keep in mind that our studies often start early (around 6.30am-7am), so best suited to those that live locally or early risers!

How to register your interest

Simply complete the Eligibility and Registration (on this page). There are a few questions to answer. If the answers you provide fit our eligibility criteria, you will be asked to complete some brief information so that we can contact you with further details.

If these studies aren’t for you, then take a look at our other studies currently recruiting HERE.