Circulation Study


If so, you could help assess a potential new product in a medical study to investigate circulation treatment.

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If you experience symptoms of poor circulation, you could help with this research.

Thank you for your interest in RDC Clinical’s study into the effectiveness of ginseng extract, a product previously researched for its cardiovascular health properties. To help with this study, we’re looking for males and females aged between 18 and 70, who currently experience at least one of the following symptoms of poor circulation such as:

  • numbness & tingling in extremities
  • cold hands & feet
  • swelling in the lower extremities
  • skin colour changes
  • varicose veins

3-clinic visits over an 8-week period.

So that we can scientifically measure the product’s effectiveness, you would be required to take part in several assessments over an 8 week study period. To make the timings of these visits as convenient as possible to you, we are recruiting on a rolling basis which means that your start date is flexible.

The timings of assessment visits are:

  • Your initial assessment at a date convenient to you (we are open Mon-Sat)
  • Your midpoint assessment approximately 28 days after your initial assessment
  • Your final assessment approximately 56 days after your initial assessment

In order to further check your circulation & blood flow, you would also be required to attend a scanning clinic (eg. QScan) for an ultrasound of your leg artery at the beginning and end of the study. There are multiple locations for the scanning clinics so you can select one that is local to you.

If you’d like to apply to take part in this study, we’d love to hear from you. More information is below, the eligibility & registration form is on this page.

About the product you’ll help assess...

The product is a red ginseng extract. Ginseng is one of the most commonly used traditional medicines in many Asian countries. It has been widely studied for immunological diseases and cardiovascular properties.

The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of ginseng compared to a placebo for improving blood circulation.

As this study is placebo controlled, you may or may not be taking the active product.  50% of the study group will be taking a placebo (an inactive substance). 

About the study you’ll take part in…blood circulation.

The study will involve approximately 80 men & women who are experiencing symptoms of poor circulation. Each participant will take the Study Product (provided in capsules) for an 8-week period. The dose is two capsules per day.

Upon enrolment (your first visit to the clinic), you’ll have assessments including a blood test, blood pressure and questionnaires regarding your lifestyle & circulation. You will also attend the clinic at 4 & 8 weeks after your initial visit for repeat follow up assessments.

At weeks 1 & 8, you will be referred to an ultrasound clinic for an ultrasound on your leg to check your blood flow.

The information we collect during the study will enable the investigators to assess the product’s effectiveness on increasing circulation over the 8 week study period.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of poor circulation, aged between 18 and 70, and would like to help, we’d love to hear from you. Please register your interest by answering the questionnaire and completing the form on this page… we’ll then get in touch to screen you for suitability.

Learn more about your circulation…

By participating in this study you will receive information about your blood circulation & health markers such as:

  • Tibial artery structure and blood flow (ultrasound)
  • Blood pressure
  • Platelet aggregation
  • Other blood markers such as glucose, insulin & cholesterol.
Check if you can apply…

Are you…

  • Aged between 18 and 70?
  • Currently experiencing 1 or more of the following symptoms:
    • numbness & tingling in extremities
    • cold hands & feet
    • swelling in the lower extremities
    • skin colour changes
    • varicose veins
  • A non-smoker?
  • Not currently taking any prescribed anticoagulation medications?
  • Generally healthy and a BMI of between 18.5-35? (Please use the BMI calculator on this page)

In order to satisfy the full inclusion criteria, potential participants must also have a quick finger prick test to measure cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides.  This will be checked at your initial assessment, and results will be available during your visit.

Check your BMI…

Ethics approval & privacy… you’ll be in safe, professional hands.

This RDC Clinical study has been approved by the Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee under Approval Number: 2020-06-604-A-1

. The study is also registered on the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry under Registration Number:  ACTRN12620001179921.

Trained Trial Co-ordinators will supervise your progress throughout the study. Any of your personal information collected during the study will be kept in the strictest confidence and no identifying information is ever published.

About the location of the study... you'll attend clinic appointments

Our clinic is located in Doggett Street, Newstead, Brisbane.

We are walking distance from the Commercial Road Ferry Terminal & local buses, and a quick 10-minute walk from Bowen Hills train station. We also have onsite visitor parking available.