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Cold and Flu Prevention


If so, you could help research a natural, non-pharmaceutical product aimed to prevent Cold and Flu symptoms.

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Do you usually experience a cold or flu during the year?

Thank you for your interest in RDC Clinical’s new study into the effectiveness of a natural product (PEA) at preventing cold and flu symptoms.

To help with this study, we’re looking for males and females 18-65 years old. This study is examining the potential effect for reducing the incidence and severity of cold & flu symptoms (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections) such as cough, sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, fever and scratchy or sore throat.

Your next cold or flu could help medical research.

So that we can scientifically measure the effectiveness of the extract, you would be required to take your allocated Study Product capsules over a 3-month period. During this time, if you experience any cold or flu-like symptoms you would need to rate your symptoms daily during your illness for up to 2-weeks.

If you’d like to take part in this study, we’d love your help. More information is below, the registration of interest form is on this page.

About the product you’ll help test…

The study product is PEA, which is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in the body. It has been widely studied for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. PEA is an approved ingredient with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and is currently available on the market in Australia.

This study is examining the effects of PEA for preventing cold and flu symptoms in healthy adults. The product is supplied in capsule form and is taken twice daily.

COVID-19 Important Information…

This study is assessing the effectiveness of PEA to prevent symptoms of the common cold and seasonal flu. It not intended to offer protection from or treatment for COVID-19.

If you experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 during the study, we advise you to follow the most recent Government and Health Department directives in your state, and contact your local Doctor or Fever Clinic for assessment and further advice.

The study does not require any face to face visits. All trial requirements will be done via phone and online questionnaires.

About the study you’ll take part in… cold and flu relief.

This study is a remote study which means that no in-clinic visits are required. Study data is collected via online questionnaires so internet access is required.

The study will involve approximately 300 men & women. Each participant will take the Study Product (provided as capsules) for a 3-month period.

If you begin to experience any cold or flu-like symptoms, you will be required to rate the severity of your symptoms each day until you return to normal health, or up to a maximum of 14 days. You are required record your symptoms each time you experience a cold/flu during the 3 month study period.

The information we collect during the study will enable the investigators to assess the product’s effectiveness on assisting preventing the occurrence and severity of cold and flu symptoms during illness.

This study is a placebo-controlled trial which means that we will be comparing the effectiveness of the Active product (PEA) to a placebo. In this study, 50% of participants will receive the Active product and 50% will receive the Placebo. Your allocated product will be posted to you after you have completed all enrolment requirements.

If you are found to have been on placebo during the study and the product is found to be effective, you will be offered the active product after the study has ended.


You will be eligible to be reimbursed up to $100 to cover your time and any out of pocket expenses. The reimbursement will be made via direct deposit to your nominated bank account once all study requirements (3 month participation) have been met.

If participation from the study is withdrawn prior to the completion, you will be eligible for reimbursement of any expenses incurred during your participation.

There is no cost to be a voluntary participant in this study, all study materials and test are paid for by the investigators. All products/items will be supplied and posted at the expense of RDC Clinical, and where required, pre-paid satchels provided for the return of any item.

If you are aged 18-65 and would like to help with this study, we’d love to hear from you. Please register your interest by answering the questionnaire and completing the form on this page… we’ll then get in touch to screen you for suitability.

Could your next cold or flu help research? Check if you can register to take part…

​Are you…

  • Adult, aged between 18-65
  • Generally healthy (no uncontrolled serious illness)
  • A non-smoker

And do you…

  • Agree not to regularly take any other supplements aimed at preventing cold or flu for the duration of the study (3 months).
  • Consume no more than 14 alcoholic drinks per week?

Please register your interest by answering the questionnaire and completing the form on this page… we’ll then get in touch to screen you for suitability.

Ethics approval & privacy… you’ll be in safe, professional hands.

This RDC Clinical study has been approved by the Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee under Approval Number: 2020-04-340. 

Trained Trial Co-ordinators will supervise your progress throughout the study. Your results will be made available to you at the conclusion of the study. Any of your personal information collected during the study will be kept in the strictest confidence.

You can complete the study at home, there are no in-clinic visits required.

​All screening and enrolment for the study is done via telephone and online forms.

Should you start to experience cold or flu symptoms, you will be required to log your symptom severity daily online. This means that there is no requirement for in-clinic visits. Simply fill in the online form via a link that will be provided to you after your enrolment.

To participate in the study, you will need access to the internet. The online forms can be completed on phone, tablet or computer.