COVID-19 Statement

Updated: May 2022

At RDC, we utilise Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to facilitate reduced contact and remote (no visits required) appointments wherever we can without compromising the integrity of the studies. Our aim is to create a safe clinic environment for everyone.

We have provided some information below regarding our site.

Location and Site

RDC is located in a small business centre with car parking at our door enabling direct access when arriving by car.

Our research clinic is not located in or near a hospital or medical precinct, nor is it in a centre where large numbers of people congregate. At RDC we conduct studies on healthy adults; our research site does not identify or treat any people with known or suspected COVID-19 infection.

We are a small clinic with a maximum of 3 Trial Co-ordinators seeing participants at any one time. There is adequate space in both the waiting and interview areas to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Interview areas, including desks, exercise / measurement equipment and iPads are wiped down after each appointment.

Our Staff

Our staff practice WHO recommended hygiene protocols at all times.

This includes:

  • hand washing/sanitising after each appointment
  • social distancing wherever possible

All our staff have completed the QLD Health Department COVID-19 infection control training.

Our Participants

We ask that participants hand sanitise upon entry. We have sanitiser available at our reception area. In addition, we have masks available (optional) upon request.

In order to help maintain a healthy clinic environment, participants must not attend appointments under the following circumstances:

  • feeling unwell
  • have tested positive to COVID-19

Our trial co-ordinators are available to discuss rescheduling or contactless visit options.

Types of Visits

Face to Face visits – this involves participants attending our site and completing a range of trial assessments while in the office. These assessments will differ between studies but may include questionnaires, body measurements (height/weight), blood sample, blood pressure/heart rate etc. These visits provide the greatest level of data for the study.

Any face to face visits are conducted individually with one of our trained trial coordinators. Our trial coordinators will keep an appropriate social distance, except for where certain assessment measures are required. If you have any concerns, please just let us know during your screening call and your trial coordinator will talk you through what will happen during the visit. Masks are available for participants upon request.

Reduced Contact – this involves reducing the duration of visits.

  • Participants may be able to complete some study requirements at home prior to attending our site. This enables participants to spend less time in our clinic.

Remote (contactless) – this involves participants completing all study requirements from home with no clinic visits required.

Your friendly trial co-ordinator will be able to let you know which studies are available for each visit type during your initial phone call.