More benefits with less time commitment? Who would say no? Welcome to the world of High-intensity Interval Training (HIT).

Recent research in the field of exercise physiology has shown that small bursts of high-intensity (almost max) cardiovascular exercise (running/cycling/walking) interspersed with periods of rest have equal, if not better results than traditional cardio training.

Improvements in exercise capacity, glycaemic control (blood sugar), muscle gain, mental health, and fatigue have all been seen with HIT, and the best part? It takes less time than traditional cardio training.

There are many forms of HIT with some taking as little as 10 minutes per day.

Most research has concentrated on the ‘4×4’ method. This session takes 38 minutes total, with 4 x 4 minute intervals at an intesity level of 9/10 separated by 3 minutes of active recovery.

Other types of HIT training include 10 x 1 minute intervals, 3 x 5 minute intervals, or 20 second intervals.

HIT training is a great alternative to traditional cardio training especially for those who are time-poor, but remember, HIT isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy it (and some won’t) try moderate-intensity training or resistance training instead. The benefits of regular exercise are almost endless.

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